How multilingual is your classroom/organisation?

Have you ever wondered how multilingual your classroom/organisation actually is? There are often many more languages represented in a school classroom, an office or an association than you expect. This can be down to a variety of reasons: your pupils or colleagues may speak different home or heritage languages, they may have lived or worked in different countries or indeed they may simply have learned their languages through formal and informal education.
It is estimated that there are over 225 indigenous languages in Europe, without even including languages which have arrived on the continent through migration. 
For the 2018 European Day of Languages we are looking for schools, offices, associations and in fact any organisations or individuals, who would like to showcase their languages. Through this initiative we would like to highlight multilingual Europe in practice, and also discover Europe’s most language rich classrooms and workplaces. 

Participation can be via any creative means that demonstrate how multilingual your classroom/organisation is. This can be, for example, through a short video or audio recording (no longer than 30s), a poster, a piece of creative writing, a song demonstrating the language skills present, in fact – anything you like! As 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage we also welcome entries showing innovative ways of discovering and presenting other cultures in your school, place of study or work place. 

By 10 October 2018 we hope to identify Europe’s most multilingual and intercultural classrooms and workplaces.

(All entrants will receive a certificate of participation)

(Open from 10th September until 10th October)