Language treasures

The idea of the 'language treasures' database is to compile a list of words from different languages which no translation can do justice to. 

In 2008 the Portuguese word ‘Saudade’ was submitted more often than any other word to the database. It (roughly!) expresses a feeling of missing and longing for something or someone.

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Favourite wordLanguageTranslationCountry
Étoile French star France
ást Icelandic love Iceland
öö Estonian night Estonia
Ababol Spanish poppy Spain
abbracciare Italian hug Italy
Ačiū Lithuanian thank you Lithuania
Alegria Spanish joy Spain
alrededores Spanish surrounding area Spain
altijd Dutch always Netherlands
ami French friend Czech Republic
Amigos Spanish Friends Spain
Amigos Spanish Friends Spain
Amigos Spanish Friends Spain
Amistad Spanish Friendship, Amitié Spain
Amistad Spanish friendship Spain
Amistad Spanish Friendship Spain
amistad Spanish friendship Spain
amizade Portuguese friendship Portugal
Amor Spanish Love Spain
amor Spanish love Spain
Amor Spanish Love Spain
amor English love Spain
amour French love France
Apropos Norwegian In regards to Norway
Arcoiris Spanish Rainbow Spain
Attraversiamo Italian To Cross United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
ąžuolas Lithuanian oak Lithuania
Bábätko Slovak Baby Slovak Republic
bahia Portuguese bay, state in brazil Brazil
Bamba Lithuanian Ombligo Lithuania
bambino Italian child United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Bananas Spanish Bananas Spain
Barátság Hungarian Friendship Hungary
basteln German to do handicrafts/ to fix sth. up Germany
beach English Playa Spain
Bebé Spanish Baby Spain
Berceuse French Lullaby Canada
Borboleta Portuguese Butterfly Portugal
Borovička Slovak love Slovak Republic
bote Albanian world Albania
boulangerie French Bäckerei Germany
calcetines Spanish socks Spain
capicúa Spanish palindrome Spain
Caramelo Portuguese Caramel Portugal
catel Romanian puppie Romania
cerveza Spanish Beer Czech Republic
cheval French horse Czech Republic
Chocolat French čokoláda Czech Republic
Cianalas Gaelic Homesickness United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
cinema Romanian cinema Romania
cinste Romanian honesty Romania
cinta Indonesian love Indonesia
cochon French pig France
communiquer French communicate France
Concentración Spanish Concentration Spain
convivencia Portuguese vivre ensemble Brazil
Cookie Spanish Galleta Spain
copil Romanian child Romania
Creer Spanish Believe Spain
cuaderno Spanish notebook Spain
cucurucho Spanish ice cream cone Spain
curieuzeneuzemosterdpot Flemish a nozy person Belgium
Cuvant Romanian Word Romania
Dance English Bailar Ireland
Dangus Lithuanian sky Lithuania
Deporte Spanish Sport Spain
Deporte Spanish Sport Spain
Dernière French Last France
Dinero Spanish Money Spain
diversion Spanish enjoy Spain
dor Romanian missing someone Romania
dor Romanian missing someone Romania
DOR Romanian longing for a person, a place, a situation... Romania
dormir Spanish sleep United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
DRAGOSTE Romanian LOVE Romania
Dulce Spanish sweet Spain
eirini Greek peace Greece
Elfstedentocht Dutch Eleven cities tour Netherlands
escargot French snail France
Esperanto English Esperanto France
Esperanza Spanish Hope Spain
Esperanza Spanish Hope Spain
Estrella Spanish star Spain
Fødselsdag (pronounced Foozelsday) Danish Birthday (pronouned Foozelsday) Denmark
für immer German forever Spain
famille French rodina Czech Republic
Fantasía Spanish Fantasy Spain
farfalla Italian Butterfly France
Felicidad Spanish Happiness Spain
felicidad Spanish happiness Spain
Felicidad Spanish Happiness Spain
Felicidad Spanish Happiness Spain
Felicidad Spanish Happiness Spain
Feliz Spanish Happy Spain
Fenêtre French window France
Fernweh German An ache for distance (homesick) Switzerland
Filotimo Greek no translation Greece
France French France Czech Republic
Freedom Spanish Libertad Spain
Freedom Spanish Libertad Spain
fremdschämen German cringing, getting embarrassed for somebody else Germany
Friend Spanish Amigo Spain
Friendship Spanish Amistad Spain
friendship Russian дружба Ukraine
futbol Spanish footbal,voetbal,nogomet,futebol,Fodbold Spain
gana Spanish willingness Spain
Geborgenheit German dictionary says: security, feeling if security Germany
gemütlich German cosy/ snug Germany
geniessen German enjoy Netherlands
gezellig Dutch cosy Netherlands
Gjuha Albanian Language Albania
gleoite deas Irish pretty and nice Ireland
goesting Flemish a craving Australia
goxoa Basque dulce, rico Spain
gyönyörű Hungarian beautiful Czech Republic
Harmony English Harmony Australia
hechicera Spanish sorcerer France
Hermoso Spanish Beautiful United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Hilarious English Hilarious Czech Republic
hiraeth Welsh nostalgia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
honradez Spanish honesty Spain
hra Czech play Czech Republic
Hřiště Czech playground Czech Republic
hyggelig Danish cosy Denmark
Ilusion Spanish Language Spain
imagina Spanish imagine Spain
independenta Romanian independence Romania
intelepciune Romanian wisdom Romania
isla Spanish island Spain
jää-äär Estonian ice-edge Estonia
jalousie French jealousy Czech Republic
Janteloven Danish modesty Denmark
juguete Spanish plaything Spain
kärlek Swedish Love Sweden
Kalın sağlıcakla Turkish Take care of yourself Turkey
kauneus Finnish beauty Finland
kefi Greek enjoyment Greece
kniks Estonian curtsy Estonia
Konditorei German Confectionery Germany
Korálek Czech Une perle Czech Republic
Koselig Norwegian cosy, nice Norway
láska Czech love Czech Republic
L'étoile French star Czech Republic
lane Serbian fawn Serbia
lawyer English abogado United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
lealtad Spanish Loyalty Spain
Letteratura Italian Literature Italy
Libertad Spanish freedom Spain
Liebling German Darling United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
livres French books Czech Republic
lluvia Spanish rain Spain
Locura Spanish Madness Spain
Love Spanish Amor Spain
Love English Amor Spain
Love Spanish Amor Spain
Love Albanian Love United States of America
mačka Croatian cat Croatia
Madre Spanish Mother Spain
magician Romanian wizard Romania
mancare Romanian food Romania
mariposa Spanish butterfly France
meilė Lithuanian love Lithuania
Melodía Spanish Melody Spain
Melodia Spanish Melody Spain
Mėnesiena Lithuanian moonlight Lithuania
misja ocalenia Polish rescue mission Poland
Mouchoir French handkerchief/tissue France
mpaildiso Greek tired Greece
Music Spanish Música Spain
Musica Spanish Music Spain
najneobpoľnohospodárnejšia Slovak the land which cannot be cultivated at all Slovak Republic
naturaleza Spanish nature Spain
omenie Romanian humanness Romania
onomatopoeia English From the Greek, meaning 'word-making' United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
ouranio toxo Greek rainbow Greece
palabra Spanish word, mot, parole, wort, logos. Spain
Pamplemousse French grapefruit France
pamplemousse French grapefruit United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
papillon de nuit French moth France
Peixe agulha Portuguese Billfish Portugal
Película Spanish Film Spain
poubelle French bin United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
prego Italian you're welcome Italy
prieten Romanian friend Romania
Quatsch German rubbish (familiar) Germany
queue English queue Czech Republic
Rabia Spanish Rage Spain
ragana Lithuanian witch Lithuania
rakas Finnish beloved Finland
Respeto Spanish Respect Spain
Rivendell Czech Roklinka Czech Republic
rojo Spanish red Spain
sacapuntas Spanish pencil sharpener Spain
salud Spanish Cheers and Health Mexico
sandia Spanish watermelon Spain
saudade Portuguese missing someone or something Portugal
Schadenfreude German humour is found in someone's misfortune Germany
Schokoladenkuchen German chocolate cake United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Sehnsucht German longing Austria
serendipity English serendipity United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Siema Polish Hello Poland
Sirena Spanish Mermaid Spain
skate Spanish porque es mi deporte favorito Spain
smiech Polish Laugh Poland
smijeh Croatian laughter Croatia
Soberano Spanish sovereign Spain
sobremesa Spanish after dinner conversation Spain
sofía Greek Intelligence Spain
soleil French sun Czech Republic
Sonrisa Spanish Smile Spain
sparadrap French plaster United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Spazolino Italian Toothbrush Italy
sport Czech sport Czech Republic
sreća Serbian happiness Serbia
sreča Slovenian happiness, luck Slovenia
sueño Spanish dream Spain
suflet Romanian soul Romania
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious English Unknown United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
šypsena Lithuanian smile Lithuania
tandrete Romanian tenderness Romania
taonga Maori treasure New Zealand
thank-you English thank-you United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
tolerant Romanian tolerant Romania
tore Estonian cool Estonia
tranca Spanish extremely difficult Spain
tresna Balinese Love Indonesia
Utopia Catalan Utopia Andorra
vacaciones Spanish vacation Spain
Vacances French holiday Czech Republic
vacanta Romanian holiday Romania
veac Romanian century Romania
Verano Spanish Summer Spain
verano Spanish summer Spain
verano English summer Spain
Victory English Victoria Spain
Vie French život Czech Republic
Vita Italian Life Czech Republic
volejbal Czech volley-ball Czech Republic
Vorrei Italian I would like Netherlands
vůbec Czech at all, ever Czech Republic
Żółty Polish yellow Poland
zambet Romanian smile Romania
Zut French Damn France
αγάπη Greek love Greece
αλεξανδρος English Alexander Greece
αρωγή Greek help Greece
δημοκρατία Greek democracy Greece
ελπίδα Greek Hope Greece
κέφι Greek fun Greece
πάθος Greek passion Greece
πόνυ Greek pony Greece
πυγολαμπιδα Greek firefly Greece
σουβλάκι English souvlaki Greece
στοργή Greek affection Greece
φίλαθλος Greek fun Greece
φιλί Greek kiss Greece
ваканция Bulgarian holiday, vacation Bulgaria
до ('do") Belorussian enough Belarus
люблю Russian I love Russian Federation
любов Bulgarian love Bulgaria
надеж Macedonian (Slav) hope The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
надежда Bulgarian hope, espoir Bulgaria
приятелство Bulgarian friendship Bulgaria
слънце Bulgarian sun Bulgaria
среќа Macedonian (Slav) happiness The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia